Why the Portland Project?

Well its both a complicated and interesting story. Take 8 years of service to the coffee industry, mix in a little bit of madness, far to much Adventure Time, a splash of craft beer with a generous helping of Islay Whisky. What you are left with is a company the wants to celebrate everything that the specialty world has to offer.

Our Co-founder and Director of Coffee Affairs, Wayne Oberholzer, has always been fascinated with the diversity of city such as Portland. When he met the other half and now Head Bean Counter, Sheldon Haycock, over one or two many IPA’s, they knew that had to create something special. To us there are a few cities in the world that you could call “Coffee Heaven”. Melbourne, London, Seattle, Portland and of course Cape Town. Portland mixed in with its dynamic beer culture, restaurants and businesses that are not afraid to push taste, design and experience boundaries. We bring these exact thinking and notions to every project that we work with.

Our team is perfectly suited to adapt to any clients needs. From Bars, Hotels, Roastary’s and of course our Coffee fans. We have both the equipment and coffee solutions to meet every need.

This blog hopes to live to these same ideals and bring to light all the awesomeness that we can create.

So lets get the math out of here and have some fun!